Mellow Expeditions - @venture_elsewhere

Mellow Expeditions - @venture_elsewhere

This week’s feature comes from @venture_elsewhere who spoke to us about his recent road trip around Northumberland. A great read and some great photos to go with it. Here’s what he had to say..

So the Northumberland 250, a road trip marketed as an “epic adventure across the land of dark skies, rolling hills and remarkable coastline”. This trip first came to my attention a little over a year ago, after seeing spectacular photos from others embarking upon the adventure. Knowing that this would be the perfect trip to test out my kit and my camping rig, it was a no brainer for me. So I mustered up a few old pals and got to planning.


Now this trip did not get off to a good start. You would’ve thought it would be the landy kicking up a fuss. However it was my pals transit that had chewed up and spat out its auxiliary belt. Three hours from home, and three hours from or destination on a mild Sunday afternoon we only had one option. To fix it on the road side so we could carry on the journey.

 We arrived late and camped out in a farmers field we had found on park4night. Day two the intension was to rise before the sun and head east in the hopes that we would be graced with a perfect sunrise over the Bamburgh coastline. Our efforts were rewarded with a sunrise I could only dream of reliving. A perfect start to the Northumberland 250.


As we followed this road trips path around Northumberland we found ourselves in the beautiful country that is Scotland. We opted to park up in a secluded ancient woodland, the perfect place to test out my hammock for the night. I was praying that the weather would stay clear as I had forgotten my tarp. For my first night in a hammock, I’d say I slept pretty well. Even if I am sure that I heard every sound in that forest during the night.


We completed this road trip in a couple days, and sitting around the campfire one night we were discussing our next plan of action. I proposed that we may as well delve into the Lake District as were we so close. An area of the UK that I drool over when seeing photos from others exploring and galivanting in its peaks and ponds. So it was settled, to finish the trip we were going to climb Scafel Pike, a first for the four of us and a walk I shan’t soon forget.

 The Northumberland 250 truly lived up to its reputation and it’s a road I will definitely travel again one day.

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