Mellow Expeditions - @elliottkingg

Mellow Expeditions - @elliottkingg

This weeks feature comes from @elliottkingg who talks us through his passionate addiction to running and why he does it all. Some great pics of Elliot taken by the talented 📸 See what Elliot had to say below.

Why I run!

My parents are both marathon and ultra marathon runners, so in my early teens they would take me out for small runs. I enjoy it at the time but didn’t really think anything of it.

When the first lockdown hit and everything was closed I really had a lot of time to focus on myself, so I took up running again. It was going to be a once a week thing for general fitness but I instantly knew it was going to be more than that.

In 2021 I challenged myself to run 100k a month for the whole year, I ended the year exceeding that with a total of 109 runs covering 1,327km. Something I couldn’t believe I’d ever achieve.

For me running has become my therapy, to clear my head, gather my thoughts, try out new music, put together new ideas. Time for myself. Running has changed my life and I recommend everyone to get out there and give it a go.

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