Mellow Expeditions - @allterrain95

Mellow Expeditions - @allterrain95

Our new series Mellow Expeditions, where we see what you guys have been up to. Our first feature is from @allterrain95 who talked us through the “The Old Man of Coniston”. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Up there with one of the best sunrises we’ve seen, something about the cloud formation made it look amazing with along with the winter settings.

It took us around 2 hours to get up with the conditions being very harsh at the top (high winds and freezing temperatures) luckily the descent was a lot easier being able to slide down the snow which would take us to the cave located near the top allowing some time for recovery and a coffee.

The coolest spot on the hike was the frozen lake situated half way up in which you could walk on.

There was also various mine shafts which we discovered on the way down which were pretty cool.

We also managed to capture some shots on the 35mm which we love experimenting with and try to capture creative shots each hike.

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