Mellow Expeditions - @camer.won

Mellow Expeditions - @camer.won

For this week’s feature we spoke with @camer.won about his four-day trip to the Lake District which consisted of hiking & wild camping. Along the way, he was accompanied by his good group of friends who run @traildusters.oc , keeping spirits high along the way. Here’s what he had to say..

Hey there, it's Cameron from East Yorkshire, 28 years young and finally diving into long-distance hiking after years of talking about it. In spite of my passion for the outdoors, it took the encouragement of my newfound group of mates, @traildusters.oc, to push me into action and take on the adventures I've always dreamed of.


For the recent bank holiday, I opted for a four-day trek in the ever-inspiring Lake District. Teaming up with my seasoned hiking buddy Harrison, we chose to tackle a portion of the revered coast-to-coast walk in reverse, starting from the charming village of Shap and finishing on the coast in St Bees.

The journey was a mix of highs and lows – literally. Incredible views and warm weather kicked us off, but a challenging ascent tested our resolve on day one. Meeting up with a friend for company and camping made it all the more memorable. However, being recently diagnosed as a type one diabetic, I faced unexpected struggles with managing my blood sugar levels along the way. The physical exertion of hiking, coupled with the need for careful monitoring and adjustment of my insulin levels, added an extra layer of complexity to the adventure.

Despite the physical challenges, there were moments of pure joy, like stumbling upon a food truck in Rosthwaite for a morale-boosting hot dog, loaded fries, and a couple of cold ones. It was a trip of self-discovery, pushing boundaries, and realizing that the mental state is more important than the physical.

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