Mellow Expeditions - @harrybrown882

Mellow Expeditions - @harrybrown882

This week’s features comes from @harrybrown882 who tells us about his recent trip to Morocco where he spent 3 days up in the clouds of Toubkal. Here’s what he had to say about the trip..

I tackled toubkal (4167m) over 3 days, beginning in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and stopping at refuge points along the way.

Day One was easy going. Ascending steadily through the foothills of imlil, winding across rivers and streams, passing mountain goats and other wildlife on the way. Lunch was a feast and consisted of a platter of dahl, tajine and bread spread out on a mat under a juniper tree.

Day 2 was where the expedition got serious. That day the total ascent was 1300m up to 3650m then back down to 3000m at Toubkal base camp.  The first 500m were through the valley and had waterfalls cascading down throughout.  The last 800m involved traversing on scree up a steep incline. Only bread was served at lunch this time as the donkeys could not follow along up the path. The achievement of summiting at 3650m was overshadowed (literally) by the impending Toubkal, which for the first time on the trip was in view.

Ascent day was a 4am start at 3000m with a couple hours scramble and a couple more hours trek across scree and ice sheets (grateful for crampons) before one final push up toward the summit. 5 hours up, 5 down. The views were well worth it though - the tallest point in North Africa and views out all the way to the formidable Sahara desert. Then some lunch and another 5 hours hike back to the village. Needless to say I appreciated a hot shower and mint tea when I finally arrived back in Marrakech.


The experience was truly humbling and I’m grateful I get to attempt these challenges and meet great folk along the way.

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