Mellow Expeditions - @mash.index

Mellow Expeditions - @mash.index

This week’s Mellow Expeditions feature comes from @mash.index which is ran by Matt & Ash. Matt takes us through his recent trip to Lake Brienz in Switzerland where he was met with some incredible views as shown through his photos. Here’s what he had to say about it..

We've decided to highlight a small part from my (Matt’s) Switzerland trip I took earlier this year. It was my first trip abroad since COVID restrictions had been lifted and Switzerland had always been a goal for my girlfriend and I to visit. After a lot of research, we decided on going to Interlaken which is a town based in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland.

On one of the days, the plan for the day was to visit the ‘Giessbach Waterfalls’ that was located on the east side of the lake from where we were staying. When planning the trip, I noticed there was a hiking trail highlighted along the lake called the ‘Uferweg Iseltwald’ trail. We wanted to make a day of it so decided to get a bus into the village of Iseltwald and walk along this trail to get to the Giessbach Waterfall.

The trail ended up being far better than we imagined and the scenic views along the way were absolutely incredible. We got lucky with the visibility being so clear that the nearby mountains that surrounded the lake created a mirror-like reflection coming off the water. Each time we stopped to take photos, we kept finding more and more beautiful locations to take the full sight in. The water in Lake Brienz is the most crystal clear water I’ve ever seen and I was pleasantly surprised that throughout my trip in the area, I saw no rubbish in or around the lake the whole time.

Photos really don’t give this place justice, it’s by far the most picturesque location I’ve ever visited and I highly recommend you go see it yourself if you have the chance. I took far too many photos of the trip so feel free to check our page to see more if interested.

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