Mellow Expeditions - @odtomp

Mellow Expeditions - @odtomp

This weeks feature comes from @odtomp who did his first trip to a bothy in the Peak District. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the term ‘bothy’, it is a basic shelter that is usually left unlocked for people to use free of charge for basic accommodation. They are found in remote mountainous areas in Scotland, England and Wales. Here’s what he had to say about his experience!

Recently decided to go and find my first bothy in the Peaks. Lovely walk through some great woodlands before heading up onto the tops where we were greeted by a great sunrise. Finally stumbled across the bothy just in time for the snow coming in, perfect timing to get a coffee on!

Overall super impressed with the condition of the bothy, and the nice touches people have left such as the diary/note book, and the emergency rations/supplies!

A few weeks later we returned to the bothy for a chilled night camp with the boys. Great time spent catching up, chilling and testing out new gear!

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