Mellow Expeditions - @outsideintel

Mellow Expeditions - @outsideintel

This week's feature comes from @outsideintel who talks us through his recent journey to Snowdonia. Some great storytelling and some beautiful shots to go with it. Here's how it went.. 

The trip started with me and my two mates rummaging through Go Outdoors for the last minute kit we had forgotten to pack, we then started the 4 hour journey to Snowdonia. When we arrived at our camping spot the wind and cold air hit us like a slap in the face, that's when reality kicked in.  We got the tents set up and it felt like a weight off our shoulders, even if they were flapping like Tesco bags in the wind. We popped into the local pub for the evening and eased our worries with beer, for some time we thought we would be okay, until we told the locals we were camping and they said we were mental.

As we were camping in a valley, this really exaggerated the sound of the wind, to the point I thought my tent was either going to take off or collapse on my face, it was a long night. After a pretty much sleepless night, we filled our flasks with coffee and set off for Snowdon.

Due to the extreme winds we decided our safest bet was to take the Pyg Track, despite being windy, the sun was out and we had high hopes for the trip. The hike started with some rocky terrain, it was good fun walking around and climbing up some of the larger rocks, my friend James got some great photos here. Only ten minutes into the walk, the views were already incredible and lifted everybody's spirit.

The hike was fairly easy but steep in some places, especially towards the top, where there was some snowy sections and we had to give each other a hand up. Once we reached the summit the views were unreal. You could see for miles. We stopped for a coffee up top, enjoyed the victory and took in the amazing views before starting our descent.

During the descent, we spotted a group of lads sliding down a large rock which was on it side, we knew it would be rude not to give it a go. This was great fun, even if I did almost rip my trousers open in the process. We then reached a beautiful lake situated between the peaks. We skimmed rocks and splashed some water in our faces to freshen up.

We then finished our hike on the Miners' Track which was a nice way to finish what we had started, there was plenty more nice views and stunning lakes as well as old building remains with a lot of history. Although the weather wasn't ideal for camping, we all thoroughly enjoyed this expedition and can't wait to head back for Crib Goch.

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