Mellow Expeditions - @ph.oebs

Mellow Expeditions - @ph.oebs

This week’s feature comes from @ph.oebs who talks us through her recent trip back to the UK where she caught up with friends in no better place than the Peak District. Don’t get me wrong, the landscapes from the Dolomites or the French Alps might be the best in the business but sometimes you can’t beat a good link up with some friends back in the UK hills. Here’s what she had to say about it..

Living independently out in Switzerland for 4 months had me really missing adventures with friends. About a month before flying home I dropped my friends a date and camp ground. 1 by 1 they started to drop on and excitement for the weekend was growing.

We arrived on the Friday, unfortunately welcomed by rain. Thankfully, we had @nath.robson and @venture_elswhere ace set ups to shelter us. As much as this group loves the outdoors, we’re also easily tempted by a cosy pub…especially in a downpour. So once we were mostly set up we made our way there to get warm, dry and fed.

Saturday morning we woke up to clear skies and SUNSHINE!? Amazing. It wasn’t a quick start by any means. We had a chilled breakfast and set off for our hike around 11am. Heading in the direction of Grindslow Knoll a beautiful route, small scramble and gorgeous views over the peaks at the top. Highly recommend, especially to people who haven’t scrambled yet but want to have a go!

I had brought a rounders set from Tesco before the camp and was dying to play a game. Rounders with 30+ people? Yes please! Of course, boys vs girls. Of course, girls won. It was so wholesome to see all of us cheering and having fun like kids.

There’s so much more I could go on about this weekend but mostly, I’m just so grateful I have so many friends who love the outdoors. I travelled back to Switzerland with such a full heart. It’s so exciting to see this love for the outdoors expanding.

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