Mellow Expeditions - @timsands_

Mellow Expeditions - @timsands_

When better to share a snowy expedition than in the peak of Summer? This week's feature comes from @timsands_ who recently took on a venture from Bolungarvik to Isafjordur (Iceland). Here's how the journey went.. 

Bolungarvik to Isafjordur. We spent a day hiking through the west fjords of Iceland. You can hike and camp almost anywhere in Iceland, so we were able to go deep into the wilderness.

This was in the middle of the summer, but there was still a ton of snow everywhere. We had to cross two big ridges to get to where we wanted to camp, with the second one being much harder. A few of us actually slipped going down the back and burned our hands on the snow because of the friction.

We found some good exposed moss patches to camp on, and started cooking up our dehydrated noodle cups. The sun never really sets in the summer here, so it’s great for not needing to worry about setting up camp before dark.

Stats: 18.3 miles 37,662 steps 2,261 ft elevation

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