Mellow Expeditions - @tooc0sy4u

Mellow Expeditions - @tooc0sy4u

This weeks feature comes from @tooc0sy4u who talks us through one of his wild camps at the highest peak of northern Vosges. Watching over the sunset at Mont Donon leaves for some incredible views as shown through his photos. Heres what he had to say about the camp.

My first bivouac of the year under the temple of Donon, located on the summit of the lower Vosges (1009m) which is also my first night on a French summit. We took the road towards this summit, 1 hour later we arrived at the bottom of the Donon. Then we had a 45min to walk through the forest, where we began to have a beautiful view of the valley.

Arriving at the top, we discovered a magnificent landscape with this temple which overcomes all the surrounding mountains, a small group and a hiker were also there to enjoy the spectacle of this location, later when the sun began to set a few more people arrived to take advantage of the disappearing sunlight.

At last light everyone left except us, the wind picked up, the light went down and it was time for us to set up our tent. We decided to put the tent under the temple to have the best possible view. The next morning on the valley, we realized that the wind may carry the tent away quite quickly because we couldn’t fix it to the ground of the temple. So we looked for rocks to put inside and at the 4 corners of the tent.

The mission was accomplished and our shelter for the night was holding up. While the sun was going down, we put on some warm clothes and set up the inside of our tent. We spent some time enjoying the stars that we could see before going to bed.

The next morning we got up just in time to see the sun rise. Some tea and music to enjoy this lovely show, some reading to finish the tea before packing up the camp and we set off again towards the car.

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