Mellow Expeditions - @vividgunchang

Mellow Expeditions - @vividgunchang

This weeks expedition comes from @vividgunchang who gives us our first feature from Asia. He talks us through a one day hike with his friends in South Korea. Which I’m sure all of us would love to experience at some time in our lives. Here’s what he had to say about it..

Last February, was my first hike to Mt. Mudeung with my friends. As we use public transport, we planned a one-day trail course.

Mt.Mudeung was formed by volcanic activity during the Cretaceous period. The columnar joint is located at the top, 1187m above sea level, which makes it such a beautiful national park.

Jeungsimsa(Temple) - Every mountain in South Korea has a temple. Temples in harmony with beautiful nature have a positive effect on us before hiking.

Jungmeorijae(Pass) - Meaning the peak in the center, hikers usually have lunch here. We can’t just pass by either. Eating Gimbap and Ramen while looking at the summit will get you ready to continue the hike.

Jangbuljae(Pass) - Situated on the way to the top, you can see the columnar joints at the top at a glance. The more visible the top is, the more challenging it becomes.

Seoseokdae(Rock) - Passing through the alpine meadows and going up about 900m to the northeast, there is a majestic rocky cliff. It is the most famous spot of Mt.Mudeung. Cheonhwangbong is the real summit of Mt.Mudeung but it is dominated by military bases, so access to the general public is restricted. We came down and ended up with a lovely meal and cold Rice wine(Makgeolli).

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